Bees Pest Control Services in Dubai

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The presence of a bee hive near your home may be detrimental to your health and the environment in a variety of ways. Because of their striking similarity, it is imperative to distinguish between species that are often mistaken for wasps because of their remarkable resemblance. In order to eliminate beehives close to your home, it is advisable to remove them.

Honeybees are eco-friendly as they provide honey that tastes very sweet. Still, creating giant hives on the wall can be a severe threat as those abandoned hives attract other harmful pests like ants, rodents, and flies. To protect you all from this deadly infection, BugXen is here to provide you with the best bee pest control services in Dubai.

Symptoms of a bee sting: 

  • You will feel an increase in heart rate.
  • You will feel like vomiting. 
  • The taste of your mouth will change. This can be the first sign of an allergy

Signs of a bee infestation:

  • You will find dark patches or spots on the walls because bees search for the safest place to make their nest, and in that search, they leave a dark spot on the wall. 
  • You will find some nasty odor in your surroundings. 
  • You will find honey on the walls because if bees are there, honey leakage will occur. 
  • You will hear the noise of buzzing bees. When they are close to you, the noise will get clear. 
Bee Pest Control Services

Prevention and Treatment of Nuisance Honey Bees

Almost spacious homes in Dubai, like villas, get caught by hives of bees, which are very harmful; therefore, removing bee hives is essential. Honey bees can cause painful infections when they assemble homes close to our place. And if you tried to attack one bee, the swarm of whole bees can attack you, which can lead to a worse situation: you might get hospitalized.

Controlling bees is a tough process, as their stings are very harmful. They can even lead to harsh allergic reactions. But there are some measures which you can take to eliminate them.

Those measures are-:

  • Use warm water with detergent. This will decrease their ability to fly.
  • Use borax powder with a sweet substance. This is widely used as a pesticide because of its toxic properties. 

Why Should You Choose Us for Bees Pest Control in Dubai?

BugXen is a well-known bees pest control company in Dubai specializing in bee management. Chemical therapy is just one of the numerous treatments we offer. Our team of qualified and experienced experts will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to exterminate your bee infestation.

Some important reasons to choose us:

  • We can offer services that satisfy the most stringent quality requirements in internationally recognized standards because of our ISO accreditation.
  • We have Certified and skilled technicians who use the newest methods to remove bee hives.
  • We use the most advanced, non-invasive techniques for the elimination of bees. 
  • We provide the best bee hive removal service in Dubai at affordable prices with a 100% guarantee.
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Now that Bugxen is here to take on this challenge and shield you from bee attacks, you aren’t in danger. For a free estimate, to discuss your needs, and to find out more about our services, please get in touch with us.