Professional Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

man doing sofa cleaning

Cleaning the sofa is a tough task but for a healthy and hygienic environment, there is a need to clean the couch. We must clean the sofa after every 6 months. Experts recommend not to clean your sofa, as the furniture might get damaged. Our experts know how to use products in an eco-friendly manner, which will also clean your sofa and save you from dust allergies. Now, leave all your worries behind, as BugXen is here to help you with the best sofa cleaning services in Dubai. We work to serve our clients clean and healthy rooms. 

How Our Sofa Cleaning Service Works?

Our process of cleaning the sofas is straightforward. We guarantee that your sofa will be dirt and stain-free. Here are some steps that we will perform to clean the sofa at your home:

  • Firstly, we do deep vacuum- To get rid of dust particles, fungal spores, and other debris, we use a designed professional vacuum machine which is more powerful than an ordinary machine.
  • Then, Steam sanitization – After a deep vacuum, the left bacteria and impurities are removed by a thermal shock (a heat-killing process)
  • After steam sanitization, we will remove the dirt- To clean upholstery, we use a shampoo that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove ground dirt.
man cleaning sofa
  • Lastly, we use Handheld Electric Anti-Dust Mites Remover- After removing the dirt, we use a Handheld Electric Anti-Dust Mites Remover Instrument UV-C Vacuum Cleaner, which helps in the removal of microscopic allergens as it uses UV-C light to kill dust mites.

Go with the Best Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai

BugXen provides the most effective and affordable sofa cleaning services in Dubai. We have a team of professional experts for cleaning your furniture. They know how to clean the sofa quickly and utilize the equipment in the best ways possible without damaging your property.

We also ensure that we use eco-friendly products as our top priority is to take care of your health. We guarantee that our products won’t affect your and your family’s health. So, if you are searching for a trustworthy sofa cleaning service in Dubai, contact us now.