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Bird Control Services

Despite their beauty, birds are known to be harmless. Many individuals will not be able to identify them as pests or nuisances, but that is exactly what they can be. If a bird nests on your property, you should either control the situation or prevent it from occurring again in the future. Alternatively, you should remove the bird and permit it to find another residence. In BugXen, we provide pigeon control services in Dubai. We have found that clients often overlook how much trouble these pigeons can cause and end up paying for maintenance later.

Bird infestation Signs​

An occasional visit by a few birds is not cause for concern. A visit to a bird sanctuary may even be enjoyable if the birds are beautiful and their songs are melodious. Anything in excess can be harmful. Following are some signs that indicate a serious bird infestation and that it should be addressed as soon as possible:

Droppings – Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they are also highly corrosive. Failure to clean them immediately could result in the destruction of your building materials as well as the need for expensive repairs. As an example, bird droppings on roofing shingles will weaken the seal and will undoubtedly lead to the tiles crumbling. Bugxen’s bird control service in Dubai not only removes these pigeons but also guarantees that they won’t be able to nest again.

Odor – Nesting birds can produce intense odors that can disperse throughout your property. A foul odor will emanate from their fall, along with the grain they bring to feed their chicks.

Insects – Birds may attract insects to them. These infestations are characterized by a vicious cycle that never ends. You may have a bird infestation if you observe elevated levels of insect activity. Birds are going to attract fleas, bugs, cockroaches, and even rodents.

Population – Having one or two birds on your premises is not a problem. However, if there are a few birds that do not escape your premises at all, you have an infestation.

What is BugXen Pest Control’s approach to preventing bird infestations?​

We at BugXen are not only concerned with eliminating the existing infestation but also with preventing future bird infestations. There are a few preventative measures that can be taken to achieve this. Our bird control services include the following:

Inspect for signs of infestation – Our first step is to determine whether there is an infestation. In order to locate the bird’s nesting site, we will comb through your property.

bird control service

Removal- As part of our pigeon control services, BugXen will reduce the number of birds on the property and relocate all nests to a different area. During this process, care must be taken to ensure that the animals are not injured. Moving can be a challenging process, but our pest control specialists have the expertise to handle it. In addition to removing pests and odors, this cleaning procedure also removes other contaminants.

Prevention – To prevent birds from building homes on your property again, seal all entry points and implement effective disincentives.

Methodologies for the treatment of birds include the following:
  • We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the nature and severity of the situation.
  • Depending on the knowledge of our engineers and technicians, we suggest a treatment plan.
  • According to our practice, we adhere to the prescribed procedure. All matters associated with birds are of great interest to our experts.
  • You can count on us to keep your place clean.