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Spiders are one of the pests that people are most concerned about eliminating from their homes. Considering that spiders are the most feared pest, it is not surprising that there are more phobias surrounding them. It is possible that you could wind up in the hospital if you are bitten by a spider that does not match your body’s reaction to its venom. This could be a brown recluse or a black widow.

Have you ever found your home or work environment full of spiders? Spiders are considered one of the worst pests found in Dubai and can be a real nuisance. Although most spiders are harmless, some of them may bite and their bites tend to be painful. You should always call a professional pest control company if you notice a severe spider infestation.

Signs of a spider pest infestation in your office or home:

  • Spider webs: Spiders build webs to catch their prey; therefore, if you see many traps around your home or office, it means that there are spiders present.
  • Egg sacs: The female spiders lay their eggs within specially prepared silk sacs. These sacs are often placed in different locations, such as corners, behind furniture or on the web.
  • Dead insects: If you find many dead insects around your home or office, spiders are feeding on them.
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  • Bites or skin irritations: The edges of some spiders can even be annoying and painful. It is also possible that you are being bitten by spiders that you do not know about if you have bites or skin irritations whose causes remain unexplained.

Why Should You Choose BugXen for Spider Control in Dubai?

Spiders have certainly been responsible for a few fatalities:

Many people are frightened of spiders for obvious reasons. There are different levels of threat associated with different spider species. A bite from one of these might result in hospitalization. The services provided by BugXen PEST control will assist in the detection, prevention, and long-term management of various types of spider infestations. Spider pest management is one of our expertise areas, and we have staff who are trained in the removal of spiders from all kinds of properties.

BugXen is the leader of pest control in Dubai and we are unique experts in spider extermination. Our current methods and technologies help eradicate insects and their eggs; we also give out a 100% warranty on our offered services.

Our spider pest control services include:
  • Indoor spider pest control: In this case, we shall check your house or an office for spider presence and indicate where they have built nests. We shall, therefore, use safe and effective pesticides in the affected areas.
  • Spider control prevention: We provide tips on preventing spiders from infesting your property in the first place.
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