Rodent Pest Control in Dubai

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Historically, rodents such as rats and mice have been responsible for spreading fatal diseases and plagues. Through their saliva, excrement, and urine, they can transmit a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Around 37 different diseases are spread globally by each type of rodent.

The diseases brought about by these rodents are contagious and life-threatening. In addition, contaminated food is dangerous to consume due to its contamination. The teeth of these animals are designed specifically for the purpose of eating and chewing. You can suffer serious damage to your home or business as they feed on a wide range of nearby items, such as diseased items, wardrobes, and clothing.

Effective rodent control is important in Dubai, where the warm climate and abundant food sources provide ideal conditions for rodent proliferation. The most troublesome animals in Dubai include rats, mice and other rodents. They may cause property destruction, food contamination, and transmission of diseases. BugXen is a company specializing in rodent pest control services in Dubai. We offer comprehensive solutions to rodent issues such as rats and mice, which are common problems in many urban areas including Dubai.

Rodent Specifications

Rodents have warm blood, which makes them prone to rapid reproduction. Due to the form of their bodies, they can pass through areas that are much smaller than they are. If you observe a rodent in your home or place of business, it is strongly advised that you employ various rodent control techniques, such as trapping. This, however, may lead to their gathering into armies, which would make it extremely difficult for them to be controlled if noticed.

Signs You Have Rodents in Your Home:

The pest problem that is most associated with rodents is rats and mice, which can be a health hazard. If you suspect any rodents at home, there are a few things that you can try out to find out.

  • Droppings: Their presence in a home is nothing but confirmation that unwelcome rats are in the house.
  • Gnaw marks: The rodents have sharp and curved teeth for cutting complex substances. Look for bite marks on wood, drywall, pipes, and other home materials.
  • Scratching noises: These are nocturnal and may keep you awake by scratching your walls or ceiling.
  • Unexplained noises: There may be other strange sounds such as squeaking or chirping. This is nothing but the noise from rats walking on your roof.
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  • Unusual pet behaviour: Your pets may behave oddly if they realize rodents are in your home. They may become cautious or begin to fear or feel anxious about what they are doing.

Rat Pest Control Treatment at Home

In order to prevent the spread of diseases, you must not only take Rodent Control Measures but also take adequate precautions in order to take precautions. Dealing with a rat infestation at home requires a multi-faceted approach, combining immediate treatment with long-term prevention strategies. Dubai has a variety of rodent control methods. These methods include:

  • Trapping: By using traps, one catches and kills rodents.
  • Baiting: Baits can be used on certain species of rodents.
  • Exclusion: Exclusion refers to blocking all potential avenues that mice may use to enter your building.
  • Sanitation: In layman’s terms, ‘sanitation’ means removing food, water, or house elements for rodents.
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  • Professional Pest Control Services: If the infestation is severe or you’re uncomfortable handling it yourself, consider hiring professional pest control services. They can provide more potent solutions and follow-up treatments.

Best Rodent Control Company in Dubai

Your rodent problem can be checked by a professional pest control company like BugXen, which can then advise on the best way forward. Additionally, we can guarantee that the issue will be eliminated. We are the top rodent control service provider in Dubai.

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