Pest Control Services in Dubai

Cockroaches Control

The presence of cockroaches is a widespread and ongoing problem in Middle Eastern homes, including those in Dubai. The reason why cockroaches thrive in houses and flats is that they provide them with food, water, shelter, and warmth. In addition to trash, food, paper, plastic, sewage, and animal dead skin cells, they consume a variety of other materials as well. In the daytime, cockroaches prefer to hide, and they are most active at night. It is likely that your home has a high level of infestation if you see cockroaches during the day. For effective pest control services in Dubai to tackle this issue and ensure a pest-free living environment, consider professional assistance.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs are small, flat parasitic insects with an oval shape. Typically, they feed on their hosts at night, undetected. Because of their microscopic size, it has been recognized for many years that these parasites are human parasites. There has been a significant increase in bed bug infestations in Dubai in recent years. Residents of the area have suffered nightmares as a result of these incidents. Throughout Dubai, bed bugs are found in restrooms, hotels, shops, movie theatres, and gyms. It is possible for them to skulk among your belongings and luggage in order to find a way to return to your home or apartment.

Flying insects Control

As of today, we are aware of over 100,000 types of flies, including mosquitoes, flies, and wasps, and this number is constantly growing. Humans and animals alike require protection. The presence of flies increases the likelihood of the spread of many diseases.

Ants Control

Ants are regarded by humans as pests in their homes. Several types of ants exist in the UAE, some of which are difficult to control. Despite their small size, these insects can cause serious problems for the medical and food industries if they are allowed to spread widely. Sugary meals are consumed by ants without a doubt, but they are also known to consume fatty and oily foods.  To control ants, Bugxen provides professional pest control services in Dubai, UAE.

Termites Control

In order to successfully eliminate termites, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance rather than attempting to eradicate them on your own. Detecting signs of a termite infestation indicates that your building has already been damaged. Professional pest control services in Dubai can help you prevent further losses.

Termites can cause significant damage to buildings and offices if they are not controlled on time. There is no way to detect any evidence of termite activity. The reason for this is that termites attack either from within or below the ground. You will find evidence of termites in your home or office if you examine wood structures, such as mud tubes, wood dust, and fallen wings. Bugxen offers a wide range of services as a professional pest control company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • The most effective termite treatment is one that uses a firewall system.
  • With this new method, termite infestations can be prevented.
  • There are colonies of termites that form underground in any location, including villas, high buildings, and other structures. These colonies are connected by tunnels. Using this system, we will be able to eliminate 100% of the underground colonies of termites.
How it works
  • If you are interested in installing a firewall system, you should begin by drilling holes between 150 cm and 200 cm deep in the ground. Assigning these holes to the villa will be the responsibility of the engineer.
  • The distance between each hole will then be between 90 cm and 120 cm.
  • Following the drilling of these holes, we use the termite injection machine, which has a pressure of 60 Bar, to inject the anti-termite pesticide into the termite colonies.
  • In addition to protecting all premises from termite infestation, the Firewall system will also block other insects.
  • Furthermore, the Firewall System is guaranteed to last for up to 20 years.

Bees Control

The presence of a bee hive near your home may be detrimental to your health and the environment in a variety of ways. Because of their striking similarity, it is imperative to distinguish between species that are often mistaken for wasps because of their striking similarity. In order to eliminate beehives close to your home, it is advisable to remove them.

Bee Pest Control Services Dubai

Rodents Control

Historically, rodents such as rats and mice have been responsible for spreading fatal diseases and plagues. Through their saliva, excrement, and urine, they can transmit a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Around 37 different diseases are spread globally by each type of rodent. Rats’ front teeth grow between 412 and 512 inches per year. By continuously chewing on cement, bricks, wood, lead pipes, and even other small animals, they wear them down.

Spider Control

Spiders are one of the pests that people are most concerned about eliminating from their homes. Considering that spiders are the most feared pest, it is not surprising that there are more phobias surrounding them. It is possible that you could wind up in the hospital if you are bitten by a spider that does not match your body’s reaction to its venom. This could be a brown recluse or a black widow.

Snake Control

A snake is a reptile with thick, rough skin that reproduces by laying eggs. Their body temperature is controlled by the outside heat of their surroundings. A snake does not have an outer ear opening or an eyelid. Snakes can be divided into two types. Harmless and non-poisonous.

However, there have been instances where non-harmful snakes have been killed and considered hazardous as an average person does not know the difference. There are extremely harmful snakes in the desert whose body tone is similar to sand and cannot be seen until one is extremely close to them. They can slide their entire body into the sand and vanish in a second. Bugxen provides professional pest control services in Dubai, UAE.

Pets Insects Control

As a pet owner, you are aware that your pet requires regular exercise, a nutritious diet, as well as lots of love and affection. You are also responsible for protecting your pet from health risks, such as those posed by pests. Your pets, as well as you, can be infected by ticks and fleas, which can lead to infestations in your home and make you and your pets sick.

The presence of ticks can be particularly hazardous for pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses that spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Some pets may contract Lyme disease from black-legged deer ticks that are most common in the North-eastern United States. There are several symptoms associated with Lyme disease in dogs, including fever, decreased appetite, swollen, painful joints, lameness or limping, lethargy, and swollen lymph nodes. Lyme disease can cause kidney disease in pets in severe cases.

It should be noted that ticks can also cause Lyme disease in pets as well as tick paralysis. It is believed that tick paralysis occurs when a female tick attaches to the spinal cord of a pet. This causes muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and in some cases, death due to respiratory failure as the muscles of the chest are paralyzed.

Ticks Pest Control Service:

There is a great deal of danger associated with ticks. Get rid of ticks by contacting a professional pest control company near you. The first step we take is to conduct an on-site inspection, and we will then provide you with the most effective solution to eliminate pests. There is no doubt that ticks are a very bothersome issue in Dubai, UAE. This is because they can cause severe skin problems and harm you when you are sleeping at night. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. A professional pest control service is provided by Bugxen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, can also be affected by fleas. The cat flea is one of the most common species of fleas that infest homes and domestic animals. In addition to causing itchy, red bumps, their bites can sometimes cause excessive scratching. The presence of fleas is also associated with conditions such as anemia and flea allergy dermatitis as well as the transmission of tapeworms.

Birds Control

Despite their beauty, birds are known to be harmless. Many individuals will not be able to identify them as pests or nuisances, but that is exactly what they can be. If a bird nests on your property, you should either control the situation and prevent it from occurring again in the future. Alternatively, you should remove the bird and permit it to find another residence. In Bugxen, we provide pigeon control services in Dubai. We have found that clients often overlook how much trouble these pigeons can cause and end up paying for maintenance later.

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